Sustainable Food Gardens

We offer custom-built home gardens that help you grow nutritious and delicious produce.


Home Food Gardens

Join us in our fresh food revolution. We believe that everyone and every family deserves high quality nutritious and sustainable foods. We offer personalized gardening solutions that help you grow a food garden that fits your indoor or outdoor space. With creativity, experience and a dash of ingenuity, we can help transform your small spaces for a great harvest year after year. Our years of experience in farming will assist you in creating the perfect productive garden for your home. We can implement solutions for apartments, town-house or detached homes by applying hydroponic or aquaponic growing methods.

We offer custom built home gardens that help you grow food in any indoor or outdoor space. Call us for your first free consultation at 778-997-7199.


Hydroponic farming, in simple terms, is a system that allows for plants to grow without soil and instead uses liquid and aggregate such as gravel. Using Farmy’s liquid nutrient solution, the nutrients are supplied to the roots by water. Hydroponic plants are able to grow faster than their soil-grown counterpart. It also allows for the plants to be grown in a smaller space. As a result, you get hassle-free, cost-effective and productive food gardens.


Aquaponic systems combine conventional aquaculture with hydroponic farming. Essentially, it’s the process of cultivating plants in water with the help of aquatic animals such as fish or prawns in tanks. This system allows for water from the aquaculture to be fed to a hydroponic system creating a symbiotic and fully sustainable agriculture process. Additionally, fruits and vegetables can be grown effectively without the need for pesticides and other synthetic chemicals.

  • Sustainable
  • Hassle-Free
  • Fast Growing
  • Low Maintenance
  • Nutritious
  • Fresh

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We offer free consultation for our first-time customers.

We offer free consultation and trial program for our first-time customers. Call us to book your appointment.

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